Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants

In this section you can pre-order tomato, aubergines and pepper seeds by weight.

Eggplant "Cesky Rany"
Eggplant "Cesky Rany". An early variety, fit also for less warm conditions. The fruits are egg-shaped, smooth and dark purple. The plant is strong and compact. 1,0 g = 260 seeds. Eng.: Eggplant. Suom.: Munakoiso, munahedelm&aum..
Eggplant "Rania" F1
Aubergine "Rania" F1. Spectacular colouring, excellent taste and technological qualities. High-yielding hybrid variety. The bush is compact, up to 75 cm high. The fruits are oval-pear-shaped, weighing 300-400 g (up to 520 g). The fruits ..
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