Watermelon and Melon

Watermelon and melon seeds for farmers by weight.

Melon "Solartur" /100 g/
Melon "Solartur". Early ripe variety: vegetation period 106-115 days. The flesh of the fruit is very tender, juicy and aromatic. Growing conditions. Sowing seedlings in peat pots. The optimum temperature for seed germination is + 28 + 30..
Watermelon "Crimson Sweet" /200 g/
The Crimson Sweet Watermelon was once considered to be the ideal in commercial watermelons and is still the parent of many modern production. The variety was originated by Charles V. Hall of Kansas State University and came about by crossing to..
Watermelon "Lajko II" F1 /100 g/
Watermelon "Lajko 2" F1. From sowing to the start of harvesting 115-120 days. The pulp is bright red, firm, sweet. Excellent taste. 1,0 g = 10-20 seemet. Watermelon. Bot.: Citrullus lanatus L. ..
Watermelon "Primagold" F1 (Super Galaxy) /100 g/
Watermelon "Super Galaxy" F1. 1 gram = 10-20 seeds. For growing in open ground.   Watermelon. Bot.: Citrullus lanatus L. ..
Watermelon "Primaorange" F1 /100 g/
Watermelon "Primaorange" F1. Hybrid with shiny orange flesh. Round green fruits with dark green strips and weight about 3 kg. Very sweet flesh (11 – 12 % of sugar) and low content of seeds. 1,0 g = 10-20 seeds. Watermelon. Bo..
Watermelon "Sugar Baby" /200 g/
"Sugar Baby" is a delicious super sweet, early maturing, small fruit bearing "icebox watermelon" that was introduced in 1955. The flesh of this watermelon variety is fine textured and very sweet. The vines are also shorter than b..
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