Flowering Cabbage
Flowering Cabbage "Coral" F1
Flowering Cabbage "Coral" F1. One of the most expressive varieties of ornamental cabbage will complement the collection of cold-resistant plants. Great on its own or in combination with other types of cabbage. The fringed-corrugated, fea..
Flowering cabbage "Kamome" F1 (mix)
Flowering Cabbage "Kamome" F1 (mix). Ruffled edge and early staining! Ornamental cabbage series Kamome ™ (Japanese selection) is not in vain considered one of the best decorations for the autumn garden. The plant is cold-resistant,..
Flowering Cabbage "Peacock" F1 (mix)
Flowering Cabbage "Peacock" F1 (mix). Eng.: Flowering Cabbage. Suom.: Koristekaali. Sven.: Prydnadskål. ..
Flowering Cabbage "Victoria Pigeon" F1
Flowering Cabbage "Victoria Pigeon" F1. This flirtatious beauty will dance a perky dance in a sunny flowerbed with great pleasure! A green skirt, assembled from smooth, silky petals, passes into a pale pink center - a "rose". We..
Ornamental cabbage​​​​​​​ "Fringed leaves" F1
Ornamental cabbage "Fringed leaves" F1 An annual ornamental plant 30-40 cm high. Flowers in a flower bed can be replaced with colorful leaves. Large decorative green-white or green and reddish-purple leaf rosettes about 40 cm in diameter. ..
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