Sweet pepper "Vinni Puh"
Sweet pepper "Winnie the Pooh". Early maturing. The period from germination to technical ripeness is 107-111 days. The plant is determinate, small, compact, standard, 25-35 cm high with a bouquet arrangement of fruits. Suitable for g..
Alpine strawberry "Alexandrina"
Remontant alpine strawberries "Alexandrina". Berries all season long! A remontant variety that does not form a moustache at all. Fruits from early summer until the first frost. The berries are medium-sized, round, very aromatic, sweet, a..
Alpine Strawberry "Dushistoe Lukoshko"
Alpine Strawberry "Dushistoe Lukoshko" - Fragaria vesca var. alpina. A remontant variety with a pleasant wild strawberry aroma and fruiting until late autumn. Does not form branching side shoots. ​Suitable for growing at home - on a ..
Alpine strawberry "Ksjusha"
Alpine strawberry ''Ksjusha''. The variety is characterized by high yield and continuous fruiting throughout the season. The bush is compact, 15 cm high, with numerous peduncles. The berries are medium-sized (2.5-5.0 g), aromatic, v..
Alpine strawberry "Lesnaja Skazka"
Alpine strawberry "Forest Fairy Tale" - Fragaria vesca var. alpina. High-yielding variety of remontant strawberry. You will be pleased with the large bright red berries, with dense pulp, very sweet and aromatic. Almost continuous flowerin..
Alpine strawberry "Mechta"
Alpine strawberry "Dream" - Fragaria vesca var. alpina. A remontant, high-yielding variety with early ripening: it bears fruit continuously throughout the season (from June to October). The bushes are compact, with a large number of ..
Alpine strawberry "Zita & Gita" (duo mix)
Alpine strawberries "Zita & Gita" (duo mix). Super productive! A wonderful mixture of remontant strawberries of white and red colour. Having planted seedlings obtained from our seeds, you will be able to collect berries from them from..
Alpine strawberry "Wais Solemaher"
Alpine strawberry "Weiss Solemacher" - Fragaria vesca var. alpina. Remontant, “mustless” variety. The plant is hemispherical in shape. The fruits are conical (longer than wide), medium density, creamy white in colour. There ar..
Amaranth "Krepysh"
Vegetable amaranth "Strong" - Amaranthus hypochondriacus L. Healthy high-protein greens for salads and soups. An early ripening variety (from germination to consumer ripeness 50-60 days) with a height of 120-140 cm, it is a source of easi..
Asparagus "Delicacy"
Green asparagus “Delicacy”. Dietary and delicacy product. Widespread and very popular in culinary culture. Perennial and durable, winters well in northeastern Europe. Young shoots, which have a pleasant, delicious taste, are used..
Blackberry "Nastena-slastena"
Blackberry "Nastena-slastena" - Rubus fruticosus coll., cultivar. Early ripening dessert variety. The bush is medium-sized (190-200 cm), the shoots are thick and drooping. The berries are black, large, oval-shaped, shiny, weighing 4.5-5 g,..
Burrage "Belosnezhka" (white borage)
Borage "Snow White". An interesting variety of borage with white flowers. Borage is an excellent ingredient in vitamin salads. This is an annual crop with a cucumber taste and an appetizing fresh aroma. The plant is used not only in cookin..
Cape gooseberry "Zolushka"
Cape gooseberry “Cinderella” - Physalis pubescens. The berries taste like strawberries, raspberries and pineapple at the same time. An early ripening variety of strawberry physalis with abundant and long-term fruiting. This is an a..
Chile Pepper "Aji Fantasy Sparkly White"
Сhile pepper "Aji Fantasy Sparkly White". A spicy seasoning all year round: very aromatic fruits with a “fruity” aftertaste. A famous modern variety from Finland, already loved by hot pepper connoisseurs around the world. Know..
Common motherwort "Samarsky"
Common motherwort "Samarsky" -  Leonurus cardiaca. An unpretentious perennial 100-150 cm high. Motherwort herb is an integral part of many medicinal herbs; the raw materials are leafy flowering tips of shoots 30-40 cm long. They are h..
Coriander "Limonny" (Cilantro)
Vegetable coriander "Citric" - Coriandrum sativum L. Wonderful spicy and healthy greens! An original variety of cilantro with a strong citrus aroma and large carved leaves. Without a doubt, it will become the favourite spicy crop among op..
Cowberry "Lesnaya polyana" (lingonberry)
Lingonberry "Forest Glade" (cowberry) - Vaccinium vitis-idaea.  Late-ripening, productive variety of large-fruited lingonberries. An evergreen groundcover shrub 15–20 cm high. The leaves are small, smooth, elliptical in sh..
Cucumber "Nezhinsky"
Gherkin "Nezhinsky". A very popular variety for salting! Mid-season, long-climbing, bee-pollinated variety for open ground and temporary film shelters (fruits on the 50-55th day from germination). The fruit is dense, large-tubercular wit..
Cucumber "Russky Ekspress" F1
Cucumber "Russian Express" F1. The taste is excellent, without bitterness. Mid-early bee-pollinated hybrid for open ground and film shelters. The period from the emergence of seedlings to the ripening of the first harvest is 46-50 days. P..
Cucumber "Vjaznikovsky 37"
Gherkin "Vyaznikovsky 37". An early-ripening, bee-pollinated, productive variety for open ground. From emergence to the start of fruiting 40-45 days. The plants are short-climbing: the length of the lashes is 100-160 cm. The fruits are el..
Cucumber "Vnuchenka" F1
Cucumber "Granddaughter" F1. A very early parthenocarpic (self-pollinating) hybrid for open and protected ground. Distinctive properties: extended fruiting period, super-yielding, high marketability of fruits. The flesh are strong, crisp..
Cucumber "Zasolochny"
Cucumber "Zasolochny" (gherkin for salting). A tasty and crispy cucumber for grown in open ground. The variety is early ripening, from germination to fruit appearance 40-45 days. The fruit is cylindrical, large-tubercular, with black spi..
Cucumber "Zozulya" F1
Cucumber "Zozulya" F1. An enduring classic and the joy of our mothers and grandmothers-gardeners! The best choice for early harvest. Fruits without bitterness. You can also grow it on a windowsill! One of the favorite hybrids for growing..
Decorative strawberry "Tarpan" F1
Decorative strawberry "Tarpan" F1. CHAMPION among the BEST. An amazing new product for the upcoming season will be a hanging hybrid of garden strawberries. Its worthy decoration was the cascading shoots, decorated with many unusual deep p..
Eggplant "Gribnoy vkus"
Eggplant "Mushroom taste" (Gribnoy vkus). A productive variety with a high fruit set: up to 8 fruits per bush! According to the ripening period, it is assessed as mid-season: from germination to the first harvest, 120-140 days. The plant..
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