Root vegetables

In this section you can pre-order seeds of root crops:

carrots, beets, radishes, rutabaga, parsnips, daikon, turnips, etc.

Black salsify "Libochovicky"
Black salsify "Libochovicky" - Scorzonera hispanica. A perennial, dietary vegetable. Grows well in sandy loam or light loam, humous soil. Can endure a winter if left in the soil. The crop is harvested in late autumn or in early spring..
Celeriac "Maxim"
Celeriac "Maxim" - Apium graveolens var. rapaceum. A late variety of celeriac intended for autumn harvest. It does not tend to bolt. Bulbs are rather big, globular, with cream white flesh. They can be used for immediate consumpti..
Celeriac "Neon"
Celeriac "NEON" - Apium graveolens L. var. rapaceum. An early, high yielding and reliable variety. Roots are smooth skinned and white fleshed (they do not contain Anthocyan] that remains white when cooked. Plants have an extensive roo..
Oriental radish "Japana" F1 (daikon) /400 g/
Oriental Radish "Japana" F1 (daykon). Daikon is an unpretentious plant and can grow on different types of soil, but it gives the highest yield on light, fertile soils. Preparation of the soil for cultivation should begin in early spring, a..
Radish "Karmina" (summer) /1000 g/
Red long summer radish "Karmina". An early summer variety that is easy to grow. Cone-shaped roots with carmine-red skin. The flesh of the root crop is white with a pleasant taste. This variety is suitable for direct consumption. * The nu..
Radish "Lutea" (summer) /1000 g/
Summer radish "Lutea". An early ripe variety of summer radish intended for fresh consumption. Root crop of an elongated conical shape, yellow, about 20 cm long, with white flesh of a slightly spicy taste. It is sown in late June - early Ju..
Radish "Red Meat" /100 g/
Radish "Red Meat" with green and white skinned tennis ball sized roots have an inner core of bright magenta. Unusual crimson-red color of the pulp. It combines high commercial qualities, increased productivity, rapid growth and heali..
Root parsley "Atika" /400 g/
Root parsley "Atika". It's delicious and fragrant! Rapid, high-yielding. The period from upturn to ripening is 77 to 84 days. Corns are conical, spicy, with white meat, an average length of 20-30 cm, a mass of 40-80 years. For fresh ..
Root parsley "Efez" /300 g/
Root parsley "Efez" - Petroselinum crispum convar. radicosum. Mid-early high yelding variety of root parsley that stores well and is tolerant to Powdery Mildew, Rust and Rot. Root Efez is with wide and big smooth roots. The aromatic ..
Root parsley "Hanacka" /500 g/
This is a late variety which is intended for storage. The medium-long conical root has a cream-white colour and is 14-17 cm long.  The aromatic flesh is white and has slight marble-like markings. This variety is highly resistant to root ru..
Root parsley "Orbis" /400 g/
Root parsley "Orbis". Delicious and fragrant! Early maturing variety of high-yielding root parsley. The period from germination to ripening of root crops is 77-84 days. Root crops are conical, spiky, with white pulp, average length 25 cm..
Root parsley "Troja" /300 g/
Root parsley "Troja". Mid-late root parsley with excellent storability. Smooth wide roots with length cca 20-23 cm, high yield and shorter but firm leaves are typical for this parsley. The aromatic flesh is white and has slight marble-lik..
Turnip "Amelie" F1
White turnip "Amelie" F1. Cold-resistant and demanding variety (it takes 50-70 days from emergence to maturity). The diameter of the fruit is 4-5 cm. Excellent taste properties. The leaves can be used in salads. The optimum germination t..
Turnip "Oasis" F1
White Turnip "Oasis" F1 - very easy to grow. 50 days. Unpretentious and cold-resistant hybrid. Well kept. Sow it in summer and when it emerges, thin it. The fast-growing variety produces small, mild-flavoured white roots ideal for eating..
Turnip "Purple Top White Globe"
Turnip "Purple Top White Globe" A medium-earliness kind. This is a variety undemanding of soil and is planted as seedlings or sowed straight into soil. The crop is harvested 45 days after the seedling planting. Root vegetables are round, w..
Turnip "Tokyo Cross" F1
White Turnip ''Tokyo Cross'' F1 - Brassica rapa L. var. rapa. Early ripe variety for spring crops. Root crops are white, medium-sized and rounded. They are harvested 5-6 weeks after sowing the seeds. Turnip grows best on loamy ..
Winter radish "Kulata Cerna" /1000 g/
Black winter round radish "Kulata Cerna" - Raphanus sativus L. (partim). Mid-season, high-yielding variety of radish. Root vegetables are round-flat in shape, 5-9 cm in diameter, black in colour. The pulp is white, juicy, with a pleasant, ..
Winter radish "Panter" /1000 g/
Winter radish "Panter" - Raphanus sativus var. niger. Very easy to grow. It can also be stored. Agricultural technology. Radish loves fertile, light-textured soils. Sowing: From mid-June to mid-July, furrows located at a distance o..
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