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Seeds of tomatoes of average growth. You can sort the desired characteristics in the "green column" on the left.

Tomat "Diky gus"
Tomato "Wild Goose". Compact bush that does not require shaping. Low-growing, early-ripening variety with original pink fruits. Harvesting begins 105-110 days after germination. The height of plants in open ground is 50-60 cm, in greenhou..
Tomato "Ruby fig". Mid-season variety with amazingly tasty and aromatic pulp. The plant is indeterminate, medium-sized, for growing in open ground (with a garter to stakes) and greenhouses. The fruits are rich ruby colour, pear-shaped, rib..
Eco seeds
Tomato "Ace 55 VF"
Tomato "Ace 55 VF". Fleshy and tasty fruits. Semi-determinate. Mid-early variety with a height of 0.7-1.0 m. The fruits are bright red, large (150-190 g), and with thin skin. The variety is highly resistant to tomato diseases. ..
Tomato "Amurskie volny"
Tomato "Amur Waves". An early ripening variety with original and tasty tomatoes. The first fruits can be harvested after 105-110 days. For cultivation in open and protected ground. The plants are determinate, 120-140 cm high in a greenhous..
Tomato "Babushka Tasja"
Tomato "Granny Tasya". Productive determinate tomato for open ground. Sets fruit perfectly even in changeable weather conditions. Tolerant to a complex of cultural diseases. The plants are strong and powerful, 60-70 cm high. The cluster p..
Tomato "Baltic Coast"
Tomato "Baltic Coast". Unpretentious, does not require stepsoning. Productive, reliable variety for open ground. It is resistant to a range of crop diseases and temperature changes. The plants are determinant; they produce their first ha..
Tomato "Banan Krasny"
Tomato "Banana red". An unpretentious, early-ripening variety for open ground and film shelters, it begins to bear fruit on the 105th day from full germination. The plant is determinate, from 70 to 90 cm in height, with a friendly yield. ..
Tomato "Biatlon" F1
Tomato "Biathlon" F1. Ultra-early ripening (80-85 days from germination to fruiting), low-growing (up to 80 cm) hybrid, recommended for growing in film greenhouses and open ground. The fruits are flat-round in shape, weighing 80-90 g. Per..
Tomato "Big Rio 2000" F1
Tomato "Big Rio 2000" F1. The best fruits for canning in their own juice.  Medium early hybrid for open ground and film greenhouses.  Plum-shaped fruits, dense, fleshy, red. Fruit weight 100-140 g.  Differs in excellent f..
Tomato "Blagovest" F1
Tomato F1 "Blagovest" TmC5F2 is one of the best hybrids for plastic covers. This is an early hybrid - 105 days from emergence to the beginning of fruiting. This kind is recommended for all climatic zones of Russia. The density of..
Tomato "Buket Sibiri" F1
Tomato "Bouquet of Siberia" F1. Highly productive, drought-resistant hybrid for open ground. Mid-season, from germination to fruiting 111-115 days. Plants are determinate, up to 1 m high. The fruit is an elongated, intense red with a glos..
Tomato "Cygan"
Tomato "Gypsy". Mid-season variety for film greenhouses. Plant height is 90-120 cm. The fruits are beautiful, smooth, fleshy, weighing 100-180 g. The first brush is placed above the ninth sheet, the next ones after 2-3 sheets. Salad varie..
Tomato "Denar"
Tomato "DENAR". A high-yielding medium late variety. It creates nice uniform “blocky“ fruits with intensive red colour. It is suitable for manual as well as mechanized harvest. Excellent variety for cutting and canning. Perfe..
Tomato "Elisey"
Tomato "Elisey". Excellent keeping quality! An early ripening variety, the period from germination to technical ripeness is 97-103 days. For growing in open ground and under film covers. The plant is determinate (up to 70 cm high) and req..
Tomato "Finik Zholty" F1
Tomato "Yellow Date fruit" F1. A worthy competitor to the sweetest southern berries - dates! Having tasted the sweet, honey-like fruits of the Date tomato, many gardeners simply refuse to eat any other tomatoes... Its pulp has a special ..
Tomato "Gallant" F1
Tomato "Gallant" F1. The taste is excellent! An early-ripening hybrid variety of standard type for closed ground, forming dense fruits (10-12 pieces in a cluster), resistant to cracking, weighing 70-80 g. They are stored for a very l..
Tomato "Green Zebra"
Tomato-striped "Green Zebra". It is atypically coloured tomato with an interesting sweet and sour flavour. Mid-season, medium-growing variety. Grows well in open ground. The fruit is the size of a tennis ball, has a very smooth skin,..
Tomato "Grushka polosataya"
Tomato "Striped Pear". One of the most productive determinate tomatoes. Early ripening variety: from germination to the start of fruit harvesting 105-115 days. Recommended for growing in protected and open ground. The height of the plant..
Tomato "Gulliver"
Tomato "Gulliver". Mid-season tomato with friendly fruiting for open ground and film shelters. Ripening occurs 105-115 days after emergence. Gulliver perfectly adapts to unfavourable growing conditions and reliably sets fruit in extreme c..
Tomato "Ildi"
Tomato "Ildi". A beautiful, fruitful trellis tomato variety. A huge number of small, sweet fruits of this variety ripen very early. The plants are vigorous, 180 cm high. They look very impressive, as they form up to 30 cm long lashes with..
Tomato "Incas" F1
Tomato "Incas" F1. One of the best hybrids for canning whole fruits without skins. Mid-early, high-yielding, determinant hybrid for outdoor cultivation. The plant is medium-sized, compact. Fruits of 80-100 g, dense, bright red, pepper-sh..
Tomato "Irina" F1
Tomato "Irina" F1. Early (90-95 days from full germination to the first harvest), determinate hybrid 100-120 cm high, forming powerful and well-leafed plants. The fruits are dense, weighing 110-140 g, transportable, round, slightly ribbed..
Tomato "Jasny Sokol" F1
Tomato "Jasny Sokol" F1. A reliable and unpretentious hybrid with a smooth yield of the crop is an excellent choice for a suburban area if it is not possible to take care of the plantings regularly. The plant is determinate (with limited ..
Tomato "Jina"
Tomato "Jina". Early ripe (90-100 days), high-yielding variety for open ground and film shelters. The plant is determinant, medium-branched, up to 70 cm high. Requires moderate pinching. The fruits are large, round, orange-red, weighing ..
Tomato "Kamchatka" F1
Tomato "Kamchatka" F1. Excellent taste. Mid-season (111-115 days from germination to fruiting), determinate (1.3-1.4 m) hybrid for greenhouses. The fruits are attractive, round in shape, weighing up to 150 g. In unregulated conditio..
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