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Low-growing tomatoes for growing at home in pots on the balcony or indoors.

Tomato "Bajaja"
Balcony tomato "Bajaja". A very early determinate variety of balcony-type tomato (begins bearing fruit 63 days after germination). Designed for growing in pots and containers. The fruits are small, round, weighing 8-10 g. They are n..
Tomato "Balcony Yellow" F1
Tomato ''Balcony Yellow'' F1. Compact and super-yielding "yellow dwarf"! Compact standard hybrid, specially designed for growing on balconies and window sills, with very sweet and fragrant fruits. Ultra early: the first t..
Tomato "Betta"
Tomato "Betta". An ultra-early undersized tomato variety intended for outdoor cultivation. The first fruits are ready for harvest already 85 days after germination, so they are not affected by late blight. Plants are undersized (40-50 cm..
Tomato "Gartenperle"
Tomato "Garden pearl". Miniature tomato: beautiful and delicious! Early maturing (85-90 days), very decorative variety. The plant is undersized, standard, with a dense beautiful crown, 20-30 cm high. Elegant brushes, with 5-7 rounded, ali..
Tomato "Liliput" F1
Tomato "Lilliput" F1. Ideal for growing in containers and pots on windowsills and balconies. Bears abundantly, resistant to lack of light. Early ripe, compact tomato that does not require formation. The plant is a standard plant, unders..
Tomato "Ludwic XVII"
Tomato "Ludowic XVII" (Louis XVII). Extraordinarily delicious! Mid-early (105-110 days from germination to fruiting), undersized (up to 60 cm) variety. Recommended for cultivation in open ground and film greenhouses. The fruits are pear..
Tomato "Mikron"
Tomato "Mikron-NK". Unique, the world's smallest tomato variety, only 10-15 cm high. Juicy and decorative! Super resistant to cold, neutral to daylight hours. Incredibly ornamental plants with masses of fruit, great in borders, contai..
Tomato "Plumbrella Rosy Pink"
Tomato "Plumbrella Rosy Pink". Early, high-yielding, small-fruited, dwarf variety. The peculiarity of this variety is that the tomatoes grow above the leaves, forming an umbrella. The plant is compact and decorative. No stringing or pruni..
Tomato "Pugovka"
Tomato "Pugovka". Very tasty - a great treat for children and adults! Early ripening (90-95 days from germination), very decorative and productive variety, which is perfect for growing in pots with a volume of more than 5 liters. The pla..
Tomato "Rubinovye Busy"
Tomato "Ruby beads". An early ripening (90-95 days from germination to ripening) very productive variety with a friendly yield. The ampel-type plant is intended for growing in hanging pots in the summer, and is also suitable for year-roun..
Tomato "Sweet Valentines" F1
Tomato "Sweet Valentines" F1. An elegant, miniature variety for growing in small containers and in open ground. Bush tomato "Sweet Valentines" has heart-shaped fruits. Plant height is from 30 to 35 cm. No gartering or pinching i..
Tomato "Tumbling Tom Red"
Mini-Tomato "TUMBLING TOM RED". A richly fruiting variety of mini bush tomato, suitable for growing in pots and hanging baskets. The height of the plant reaches only 15 cm, the length of the whips is 100 cm, the diameter of the bush is 25..
Tomato "Tumbling Tom" (duo mix)
Mini-Tomato "TUMBLING TOM". A richly fruiting variety of mini bush tomato, suitable for growing in pots and hanging baskets. The height of the plant reaches only 15 cm, the length of the whips is 100 cm, the diameter of the bush is 25-30 ..
Tomato "Venus"
Cherry-tomato "Venus". Small fruit variety, 25-30 cm. Grow on balcony in pots or in greenhouse. Weight of fruit 15-20 g. Very decorative. Good resistance against diseases. ..
Tomato "Veranda Red" F1
Hybrid variety of dwarf tomato "Veranda Red" F1. An interesting surprise for home gardening from the United Kingdom. One of the best early ripening varieties for growing in pots on a windowsill, balcony or in open ground, both in beds and..
Tomato "Vilma"
Balcony tomato "Vilma". Tomato "Vilma" is a compact and bushy variety specifically bred for growing in containers. Each 50-60 cm  tall plant produces a heavy crop of sweet and juicy, cherry-sized tomatoes each weighin..
Tomatо "Komnatny Surprise" ("Potted Surprise")
Tomato "Room Surprise". Superearly (80-90 days from germination to fruiting) variety for growing in room culture, on the balcony and for compacted plantings in open ground. The plant is determinate, undersized, up to 50 cm high. The fruit..
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