Grass lily (garden star-of-Bethlehem, nap-at-noon, eleven-o'clock lady)
Garden star-of-Bethlehem (grass lily, nap-at-noon, eleven-o'clock lady) - Ornithogalum umbellatum. Perennial from the Hyacinthaceae family. Flower colour: white. Natural flowering period: April - May. Flowering plant height: 15 cm. Soil..
 Moon Carrot
Moon Carrot - Seseli gummiferum. Perennial from the Umbelliferae family with a compact rosette of thinly dissected, bluish-gray, evergreen leaves. Flower colour: white, cream. Flowering plant height: 80 cm. Natural flowering period: July - S..
Albanian Rock Jasmine
Albanian rock jasmine - Androsace albana. Beautiful alpine plant! A wonderful perennial from the Primulaceae family with modest pinkish-white flowers collected in a pretty globular inflorescence with an unusual and interesting leaf shape. Origin: ..
Alexanders Rhubarb
Alexander`s rhubarb - Rheum alexandrae. Location: can grow both in the sun and in partial shade. Soil: all rhubarb plants are hardy plants, but require fertile, deeply cultivated soil with lime added. Landing pits should be large and well filled...
Alpine aster "Albus"
Vierhappers aster "Albus" - Aster alpinus. The most common and easy to cultivate of the dwarf perennial asters! Miniature "daisies" from the Asteraceae family. Flowering plant height: 25-30 cm. Inflorescence diameter ..
Alpine aster "Dunkle Schöne" (Vierhapper's Aster)
Alpine aster "Dark Beauty" or "Dunkle Schöne" - Aster alpinus. Inflorescences 3-3.5 cm in diameter, reed flowers dark purple to violet (bloom in the second half of summer). Curtain perennial up to 3..
Alpine aster "Goliath"
Alpine aster "Goliath" - Aster alpinus. Unpretentious, cold-resistant perennial with numerous shoots and very abundant flowering. In one place without a transplant grows 5-6 years. Excellent culture for rockgarden, mixborders, group ..
Alpine aster "Happy End"
 Aster alpine "Happy End" - Aster alpinus. One of the best types of perennial aster. A rapidly growing plant, 25-30 cm high, with single chamomile pink inflorescences up to 4 cm in diameter. It blooms from May to July. Use for mixbo..
Alpine Avens
Alpine Avens - Geum montanum. Evergreen perennial for rock garden from the Rosaceae family. Homeland - the mountains of Europe. Flowering plant height: 15 cm. Flower colour: golden yellow. The flowers are cup-shaped, yellow, about 2.5 cm in ..
Alpine catchfly
Alpine catchfly - Lychnis alpina. Perennial for rock garden, flowering potted plant. The height of the flowering plant is 10 cm. Natural flowering period: June-July. Climatic zones of winter hardiness: Z4-Z8. The flowers are pink-red or crimson,..
Alpine catchfly "Snow Flurry"
Alpine catchfly "Snow Flurry" - Lychnis alpina. Alpine lychnis is popular with experienced and novice gardeners due to its easy care and high decorative effect. Compact bushes up to 15 centimeters high will be an excellent decoration ..
Alpine Forget-me-not "Baby Blues" hybrids
Alpine Forget-me-not hybrids "Baby Blues" - Eritrichium canum. Perennial for rock garden or for pot culture from the borage family Boraginaceae. It germinates quickly and can bloom in three to four months. Flowering plant height: 25 cm. ..
Alpine Sawsepal Penstemon
Alpine Sawsepal Penstemon - Penstemon alpinus. Perennial for the rockgarden. Flowering plant height: 20 cm. Flowering period: V-VI. Climatic zones: Z3-8. Name: comes from the Greek words "pente" - five and "stemon" - stamen t..
Amellaster "Rudolf Goethe"
Amellaster "Rudolf Goethe" - Aster amellus. Do you dream that your garden will be in bloom until late autumn? Then the aster "Rudolf Goethe" will become an indispensable assistant. Perennial. Plant height 50 cm. Flower diam..
American globeflower "White"
American globeflower "White" - Trollius laxus var. albiflorus. For the rockgarden. Flowering plant height: 30 cm. Flowering period: V-VII. Climatic zones: Z3-8. Pure white, bowl-shaped blosoms. American globeflower. Bot. syn..
Arctic daisy (arctic chrysanthemum)
Arctic chrysanthemum (Arctic daisy) - Chrysanthemum arcticum. The plant is unpretentious and develops in permeable clay soil located on a rocky base or with good drainage. The plant propagates by dividing rhizomes or cuttings, best in spring. F..
Arctic Gentian (Whitish gentian)
Whitish Gentian (Arctic Gentian) - Gentiana algida. Perennial for rock garden. Origin: North America from Alaska to Colorado, Korea, the Himalayas to Japan (alpine meadows and swamps). Flower colour: yellowish white with blue markings. ..
Aspen Sunflower (five-nerve helianthella)
Aspen Sunflower (Little Sunflower, five-nerve helianthella) - Helianthella quinquenervis. Perennial from the family Asteraceae for rock garden, good for cutting. Flowering plant height: 100 cm. Natural flowering period: May - August. Winter ..
Aster pyrenaeus
Aster pyrenaeus Desf. ex DC. Perennial for rock garden. Family: Asteraceae. Origin: Pyrenees. Flowering plant height: 50 cm. Colour: bluish lilac. Natural flowering period: August - September. Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z7. 1,0 g = 450..
Aucher's Bellflower
Aucher's Bellflower - Campanula aucherii. In nature, it is found on rocks and gravelly screes of the Caucasus. Forms compact bushes from shoots covered with small serrated leaves. Dark purple large flowers appear in early summer. Winter-ha..
Autumn Snakeroot "Atropurpurea" (Bugbane)
Bugbane "Atropurpurea" (Autumn Snakeroot) - Cimicifuga ramosa. Large, up to 2 m tall, late flowering (August-October) plants. Variety "Atropurpurea" is a tall (up to 2 m) plant, "flaunting" red-brown leaves a..
Baical skullcap "Oriental Blue" (helmet flower, scute)
Baical skullcap "Oriental Blue" (helmet flower, scute) - Scutellaria baicalensis. Medicinal perennial for rock garden from the labiaceae family Lamiaceae. Natural flowering period: July - September. Blooms in the year of sowing. Fl..
Balkan Yarrow
Balkan yarrow - Achillea clypeolata. Family: Compositae. Origin: Balkans. Special Features: a shorter version of Achillea filipendulina. History: used in hybrid crosses with the taller Achillea filipendulina. Colour: flat heads ..
Balloon flower "Hakone White"
Chinese bellflower "Hakone White" (balloon flower) - Platycodon grandiflorum. Family: Campanulaceae. Origin: Japan and China. Special Features: flower buds which appear inflated (balloon-like) open into double blossoms lea..
Beach wormwood (Dusty miller, old woman)
Dusty miller (Boughton Silver, old woman, beach wormwood) - Artemisia stelleriana. An evergreen perennial from the Asteraceae family. Flower colour: yellowish. Natural flowering period: June - July. Foliage: white tomentose, pinnatipartite, ..
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