Canadian сolumbine "Little Lanterns"
Honeysuckle columbine "Little Lanterns" - Aquilegia canadensis. You have never seen such an amazing aquilegia: its large flowers with spurs on numerous thin branches, deep red, really resemble lanterns, and golden stamens will illuminate a..
Columbine "Biedermeier" (mix)
Columbine hybrids "Biedermeier" (colour mix). Аквилегия гибридная "БИДЕРМЕЙЕР" - Aquilegia x hybrida.  Неприхотливое растение семейства Лютиковые высотой до 40 см. Ценится за оригинальные поникающие цветки разноо..
Columbine "Koralle"
Columbine "Koralle". Graceful flowers of rare colours. An elegant plant with delicate bluish leaves. A beautifully shaped bush, 70-80 cm high. The flowers are large, coral with a yellow center, about 5 cm in diameter. Blooms from May to ..
Columbine "Mister Scott Elliott" (mix)
Columbine "Mister Scott Elliott" (mix). Unpretentious, winter-hardy perennial. Bushes 80-90 cm high with openwork foliage. The flowers are large, 9-10 cm in diameter, on long peduncles. It winters well in the open field. 1,0 g = 500-1000..
Columbine double (mix)
Low double columbine (mix of colors). Very decorative variety with double flowers. The plant is 40-50 cm high, with a spreading bush shape. The leaves are dissected and glaucous. The flowers are large and of various colours. Blooms in Ju..
Dwarf fan-shaped columbine "Rosea"
Dwarf fan-shaped columbine "Rosea" - Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila f. kurilensis. Low-growing compact bushes (25-30 cm) with pale pink flowers that bloom in May-June. Blooms in the second year after sowing. Flowering season: May-June...
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