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Seeds of large-fruited tomatoes: the most productive varieties and hybrids, proven by practice and time.

Tomat "Black Prince"
Tomato "Black Prince". Delicious and very popular variety from Siberia. Leader in yield among black-fruited varieties: up to 4 kg per bush! Mid-early (100-115 days from germination) salad grade for greenhouses and film greenhouses. The p..
Tomat "Chornye glaza"
Tomato "Black eyes". Incredibly delicious tomatoes! The first fruits of this early-ripening variety are harvested already 105-115 days after emergence. The plants are indeterminate, the first inflorescence is planted above the 6-7th leaf,..
Tomat "Ispolin"
Tomato "Giant" (Ispolin). Powerful bush, large fruits! Mid-season, indeterminate variety: from germination to the beginning of fruit ripening 115-120 days. The plant is powerful, about 150 cm high. There are 2-3 fruits in the cluster. Th..
Tomat "Zolotye Kupola" (Golden Domes)
Tomato "Golden Domes" (Zolotye Kupola). Mid-season variety of Siberian selection. The height of the bush is 90-150 cm. The fruits are beautiful, round-heart-shaped, orange-yellow in color, fleshy, weighing 400-800 g. Excellent in salads a..
Tomato "Albina"
Tomato "Albina". A large-fruited salad variety with a unique colour and incomparable taste. In the northern regions, it is recommended for protected ground, and in the southern regions - for open ground. The first tomatoes begin to be ha..
Tomato "Altaisky Rozovy"
Tomato "Altai Pink". Salad, large-fruited variety. The pulp is tender, juicy, and has a wonderful taste. The variety is intended for cultivation in open ground and film greenhouses. Mid-season. The period from germination to the beginnin..
Tomato "Bijsky Rozan"
Tomato "Bijsky Rozan". Mid-early (105-109 days), determinant variety 55-75 cm high. Fruits are flat-round, fleshy, weighing 250-600 g (up to 1 kg). The grade differs in high productivity and tastes. ..
Tomato "Bolshaja mamochka" (1+1=3)
Tomato "Bolshaja mamochka" (Big Mama). Fleshy and sweet fruits! Very early determinant (limited growth) undersized variety. Juicy red, heart-shaped fruits (weighing 220-340 g) ripen on the plant in 85-95 days. The pulp with a rich sweet t..
Tomato "Brandywine Yellow"
Tomato "Brandywine Yellow". Diversify your tomato collection: one of America's most popular varieties for its superior flavor. Grown in a greenhouse or under film cover. Late ripening variety, tall (150-200 cm). Fruits weigh from 500..
Tomato "Buffalosteak" F1
Fleshy tomato "Buffalosteak" F1 - Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. Productive, popular, mid-season variety of tall-growing tomatoes. The vegetative period is 80 days. Fruits are very large (~700 g), pulpy, and delicious. Fruits rip..
Tomato "Buffalosun" F1
Tomato "Buffalosun" F1. The pulp is tender, with a pleasant sweetish taste, contains a lot of carotene. One of the earliest "beef heart"-type tomato hybrid varieties, producing very large, fleshy and tasty fruits. They are not ..
Tomato "Bychje Serdce chornoje"
Tomato "Black Oxheart". An gorgeous large-fruited variety with original shape and color. Early ripening: from germination to first harvest 105-110 days. The plant is powerful, indeterminate (tall), 180-200 cm. Grown in greenhouses an..
Tomato "Canary"
Tomato "Canaries". Fruit size XXXL. A very productive, mid-season variety for greenhouses and greenhouses. The plant is 1.1-1.8 m high and requires staking in protected ground. On the main stem, there are 5-6 clusters, with 4-5 fruits on ..
Tomato "Cardinal Mazarini"
Tomato "CARDINAL MAZARINI". Exceptionally large and deliciously delicious fruits! A favorite of Russian gardeners. Fruits are XXXL. The plant forms fruits weighing more than 600 grams, differing in shape and color, which have a sugary pul..
Tomato "Chempion Vesa"
Tomato "Weight Champion". The fruits are very large, have excellent taste, and are ideal for fresh consumption and processing. Mid-early variety for open ground and film shelters. The period from germination to harvest is 111-115 days. Th..
Tomato "Chorny Aisberg"
Tomato "Black Iceberg". Large, tasty and aromatic. Fruits until autumn. An early-ripening salad variety with large and beautiful tomatoes of unusual colour. The first harvest is carried out 95-110 days after germination. It bears fruit fo..
Tomato "Ciccio"
Tomato "Ciccio". It is a medium late, high-rise (indeterminate), ancient and highly fertile tomato variety. Furthermore, it is one of the most delicious "Oxheart" type tomato varieties. The plant produces pink fruits weighing 100..
Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov"
Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov". Mid-season salad variety: 115-120 days pass from germination to fruit ripening. The plant is indeterminate, 150-200 cm high. Grown in greenhouses. Resistant to diseases. The first brush is placed above the 9th ..
Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov"
Tomato "Cosmonaut Volkov". A mid-season variety of fleshy, aromatic and very tasty tomato! Large-fruited variety of amateur selection. From germination to fruiting 111-120 days. Plants are indeterminate, up to 2 m high (in closed ground)...
Tomato "Faworyt"
Tomato "Faworyt". Very tasty, fleshy, with a thin skin. Large-fruited, mid-season variety with raspberry color. Fruits are flat-round, fleshy, weighing up to 400 g. There are 200-300 seeds in 1 gram. * Stable positive temperature is a..
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Tomato "Faworyt"
Tomato "Faworyt". Very tasty, fleshy, with a thin skin. Large-fruited, mid-season variety with raspberry color. Fruits are flat-round, fleshy, weighing up to 400 g. There are 200-300 seeds in 1 gram. * Stable positive temperature is a..
Tomato "Faworyt"
Tomato "Faworyt". Large-fruited, mid-season variety of raspberry color. Fruits are flat-round, fleshy, weighing up to 400 g. Very tasty, with a thin skin.   ..
Tomato "Gigantomo" F1
Tomato "Gigantomo" F1. Very sweet and large-fruited variety. Mid-season hybrid variety of high-yielding beef-tomato. Ripening time after planting seedlings: 75–80 days. The fruits are flat-rounded, fleshy, with pronounced chambers...
Tomato "Gordost Urala"
Tomato "Pride of the Urals" is an incredibly productive, early-ripening variety for growing in greenhouses and greenhouses. The fruits are flat-round, heavy, red, weighing up to 1 kg, fleshy, tender, very tasty and aromatic. Perfect for fre..
Tomato "Ispolin Red"
Tomato "Ispolin Red" Very large red fruits for salad purposes. Large-fruited, mid-season, indeterminate variety intended for cultivation in closed ground. The period from germination to the beginning of fruit ripening: 115-120 days. Bush..
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