A mixture of annuals and perennials flowers for shade
A mixture of annuals and perennials flowers for shady places in the garden. A special mixture of annuals and perennials of different heights, growing well in a shaded area. It blooms all summer and autumn. Sow seeds directly into the ground in rows..
 A mixture of annuals and perennials for the cemetery
A mix of flowers for the cemetry. Graveyard Blend is a seed set consisting of annuals and perennials. The species was chosen considering low soil requirements and resistance to difficult growing conditions. They do not require maintenance and frequ..
 A mixture of herbs for dry bouquets
A mixture of herbs for dry bouquets Annual plants 30-130 cm high with decorative inflorescences are used for dry bouquets and various compositions. Sowing seeds in March - May directly into the ground. At a temperature of 20-22 °, germination o..
 Chrysanthemum tricolor (single mix)
Tricolor daisy (mixture) - Chrysanthemum carinatum. Elegant flowers throughout the summer. Densely branched, annual plants 50-100 cm high with tricolor flowers of white, yellow, pink and red. It is characterized by rapid growth and early, lon..
 Decorative dwarf tobacco "Roulette" F2
Decorative dwarf tobacco "Roulette" F2 (colour mix) - Nicotiana sanderae. Annual plant 30-40 cm high. Strongly branching compact shrub. They are used in group plantings, mixborders, for landscaping balconies, loggias. Throughout the..
 Mint round-leaved
 Mint round-leaved The leaves are wrinkled, green, with a pleasant specific aroma. The flowers are small, white, collected in dense brushes, located on the tops of the shoots and in the axils of the leaves. Blooms in late July-August. It can..
 Nirembergia purpurea "Cup Flower"
Nirembergia (Cup Flower) - Nierembergia hippomanica. An ideal plant for mixborders, rabatok, alpine slides, as well as vases and pots on the balcony, where it can be easily used as an ampel plant. Sparkling, wide-open flowers of deep ..
 Phlox undersized "Stars" (mix)
Phlox undersized "Stars" (mix) Annual plant, 20-30 cm high, strongly branched with multi-colored flowers. The flowers are stellate, often with a stellate eye in the center. Blooming from July to late autumn, the plants are recommended for ..
 Snapdragon ampelous "Pola Mix"
Snapdragon ampelous "Pola Mix". A great option for various containers, the shoots gracefully fall over the edge of the pot. The plant is up to 40 cm high. The leaves are lanceolate, green. Flowers of various colors. Blooms from June to Oct..
 Zinnia dahlia-flowered "Polar Bear"
Zinnia dahlia-flowered "Polar Bear". Excellent annual. The plant is powerful, branched from the base, 60-80 cm high. Dense hemispherical inflorescences, up to 12 cm in diameter, unusual creamy white color. Blooms from July to October. U..
 Zinnia elegans f. chrysanthemum (mix)
Elegant zinnia - Zinnia elegans f. chrysanthemum. Light and heat-loving, fast-growing plant with erect stems. Stems and leaves with hard pubescence. Terry basket inflorescences, outwardly resembling chrysanthemum inflorescences (14-16 cm in diamete..
"Living stones" collection (mix)
"Living stones" collection (mix) - Lithops gesinaria. Small, stemless, leafy succulents from the Mesembriantemic family. Most of the plant is buried in the soil. Aboveground part - two thick sheets fused into a column up to 20-50 mm h..
Adam's needle
Adam's needle (soap root) - Yucca filamentosa. Treelike plants with a thickened trunk or stemless. Linear, hard, spiny-pointed leaves form a dense crown (for which the plant is called a palm lily in many countries).  The flowers ..
Adlay millet "Job's Tears"
Adlay millet "Tear" (Job's tears) - Coix lacryma-jobi. It is an unusual 50-60 cm tall annual plant with tough stems, suitable for growing in tall beds to create floristic groups. In summer, the plants form drooping paniculate infloresc..
Aegean wallflower (mix)
Aegean wallflower (mix). Fragrant flower. Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade. Flower Color: Yellow, orange, bronze, red, purple, red-brown. Height: 12 to 30 inches. Spacing: 12 to 15 inches. Perennial often treated as a half-hardy annual;..
African Daisy "Pastel shades mix"
African Daisy "Pastel shades" (mix of colours) - Dimorphotheca sinuata. Herbaceous plants with rising stems form a densely leafy, hemispherical bush 30-40 cm tall. Inflorescences are single apical baskets. Reed flowers are white, yel..
African Daisy (mix)
African Daisy - Arctotis x hybrida (mixture of colours). Drought-resistant annual. Plant height 35 cm. Flower diameter 5-8 cm. A bright "African", which from the base of the bush to the tips of the flower-bearing stems is "..
African marigold "Fantastic Lemon"
African marygold "Fantastic Lemon". Tall marigolds with original large and densely double inflorescences-baskets (Ø9-11 cm). Bushes are strong, branched, up to 70 cm high, with a pronounced main shoot and many peduncles. Flowering ..
Alpine aster (mix)
Aster alpinus. A perennial shrub plant about 30 cm high. Flowers appear in large numbers in May and June. Type: carpet, fl. stem erect. Cultivation rock crevices with favourable water regime, eastern slopes, alpine house, poor, drained soil, shadi..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Blue basket"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Blue basket" - Myosotis alpestris. Romantic azure for flower bed and garden! An early flowering plant. Branched stem 15-25 cm high. Blue flowers are collected in a loose short inflorescence-curl. Blooms in May -..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "Pink" - Myosotis alpestris. An early flowering plant. Branched stem 20-30 cm high. Pink flowers are collected in a loose short inflorescence curl. Blooms in May - June. Used for spring decoration of flower beds,..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White"
Alpine Forget-Me-Not "White". An irreplaceable perennial for the early spring decoration of flower beds! An early, flowering groundcover with a branched stem. It forms a compact dense bush 15-20 cm high, which in May is covered with a mass..
Alpine Forget-Me-Not (mix)
Alpine Forget-Me-Not (colour mix) - Myosotis alpestris. A perennial plant, 20-30 cm high, cultivated as a biennial. Blooms profusely in May-June. Numerous small flowers are white, carmine-pink and dark blue. Prefers semi-shady areas with mois..
Alpine rockcress "White"
Alpine rockcress "White" - Arabis alpina. A popular, lush-flowering perennial for rocky gardens. The plant is 20-25 cm high. Silvery-white foliage, branched stems creeping along the ground and an abundance of snow-white large semi-do..
Alpine strawberries "Attila"
Alpine strawberries "Attila" - Fragaria vesca. The plant is compact, densely leafy. The bushes are very decorative, as you can see flowers, ovaries and ripe fruits at the same time. The dark red berries have a pronounced strawber..
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